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intermittent servic

It has been going on for several months now.. Today I have had it. My tablet and phone keep coming up service unavailable.  I have full WiFi strength but intermittent service...  

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    That can happen due to wifi being separate from internet access.

    Your device -(wifi) -> router -(wired) -> modem -(wired) -> internet

    So if there is a breakdown along any of these connections, your internet will not work.  It sounds like the problem is either between the router and the modem, or the modem and the rest of the internet.  At that point, the easiest thing to do is to check the modem diagnostics at while the problem is occurring to see if you can connect to your modem.  You can also go to the diagnostic page and get us a reading of signal levels for your modem, and perhaps a copy/paste of the modem log.  This will help us troubleshoot your problem further.