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Intermittent picture interruption with new 4K TV

Hello: I just recently upgraded to a 4K television. Ever since we hooked it up, the picture will disappear every so often. Sometimes the picture will go on up to an hour without interruption, sometime it will happen every 5 minutes. The salesman recommended I buy a 4K cable to go with the TV. DVDs work fine with no interruption. Could it be my cable box (Scientific Atlanta). Any information or suggestions would be appreciated. It's very frustrating watching a sporting event when the picture goes out at an exciting moment. Thank you.

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  • Hi Mings,

    Some of the channels in the Cox lineup are provided in MPEG4-only formatting and require receivers that support MPEG4 video and can tune above 860MHz-1GHz (in addition to the lower frequencies). The older Scientific Atlanta cable receivers are unable to support MPEG4 video; they are only capable of decoding MPEG-2. Swapping your Scientific Atlanta cable box for a Contour HD receiver may likely resolve these picture issues.