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Intermittent Phone Service?

I just got word that my father is in the hospital back in Boston.  But I cant call home to find out whats going on.  I cant call Cox to find out why I cant call.  I get a dial tone, dial the number, then listen to silence.  I can see the phone light blinking on the modem.  I cant find an online support chat to help me.  I cant do anything but wait and worry.  

And for this I, a single disabled woman, paid $160 this month for Cox services.  REALLY???

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    Perhaps we can be of assistance. Can you try plugging a phone directly in the telephone 1 port and see if it works there?

  • I just discovered that I also have no phone service. Connection is the same as before but suddenly I have "no line". Can't make or receive calls. It's not on my end. What is the problem? And, please, don't tell me to plug into the "telephone 1 port". 1) I don't know or care what that is: 2) as I said, it's the same connection that has always worked before. The problem isn't on my end. p.s, just re-read the previous post. I don't even get a dial tone. nothing. the line is just dead.
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    I did check the modem from this end and all seems well as far as I can tell. If you're still having problem trying the test I described above would be very helpful in determining what may be going on.