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intermittent packet loss spikes in mesa az

been having this problem the last couple days.  Actually this problem seems to come and go for days/weeks at a time over the last couple years.

I have tried resetting the modem and router already, and you can see there is no packet loss to the router.  Unfortunately I'm using free version of pingplotter so i can't show you a bigger time frame for today but here is an old screenshot from 3 months ago when i had the full version

If the problem were on my end i would expect it to be consisent, but like i said, the problem comes and goes for days at a time then there's no problems at all for weeks, but it always seems to come back and i'm getting pretty tired of it.  For regular internet browsing, even streaming videos or downloading this doesn't pose a big problem just a little slow responses sometimes, but for playing online games this intermittent packet loss kills the experience

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    It does appear a ticket was escalated to our maintenance team and in the middle of that process an outage also got declared. While the outage has since cleared it does appear the ticket is still active.

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  • for some reason only the screenshot from 3 months ago showed up, maybe only one screenshot per post, here is the one from today with only a short time frame

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    I think you are getting some bad data from hop 2 not responding to ICMP. I don't doubt you are having a problem, but I think it just isn't reflected in that data. Could you try with TCP? See here for instructions.

    Also, do the observable symptoms match with any of the times of high packet loss? Do they match with all?

    Last, can you describe the problem in more common terms? Loss of connectivity? Very slow? Do any lights on the modem change? Anything in the modem's logs? They should be on the webpage, unless you have a gateway.

  • I see what you're saying about the 2nd jump, I don't know what that's about i'm not a tech expert but if i was having 100% packet loss then i wouldn't be posting

    on the image from 3 months ago there's no mystery jump, the packet loss starts after it leaves the router.  different modem and router by the way, same problem.

    i will try to install that WinPcap and get it working, i dont know if it will work on windows 10 though.

    right now it's taking abnormally long to download a file under 1mb and the download has actually failed 3 times now

    Yes, the symptoms match times of high packet loss.   I normally only run pingplotter when i start seeing issues, but when i have ran it at times when there's no symptoms there are is no red and no spikes and the internet is smooth

    I don't lose connection, the lights on the modem don't change, not sure how to access modem logs.

    here's what the problem looks like, if video is fuzzy change the quality in settings

    My computer is very good  and can handle all games smoothly when i'm not having internet issues

    The problem has progressed over the last hour, here is what the pingplotter looks like now

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    I looked at your modem and it's reporting all poor downstream noise levels. Are there any cable splitters you can try bypassing and seeing if that helps?

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    Mine looks like this alot. I've been trying to get answers or solutions for a while now(at least august). All my power levels and SNR are flawless but I think that there were poor installations in my area that aren't grounded because they have seen the problem at the tap. They told meveryone to call and get a service tech to come out when it is at its peak but I have very little faith that I'd be able to convey that message to whatever customer service rep I'd get on the phone at 8PM

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    Im also in mesa, I have been experiencing the exact same issue. For me its shown itself mostly in the upload speeds. for a couple days it will be great, then for weeks at a time it just goes to **. Then a couple days of good speeds, then weeks of **. Ive had techs out to my apartment several times, ive bought a new modem, replaced the router and still nothing but issues. 

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    i'm not sure what you mean by bypassing cable splitters, can you elaborate?

    little update, problem got progressively worse and worse last night til it was completely unusable even for browsing web pages.  this afternoon and evening the connection was 100% fine, not a hiccup in sight.  i didn't change anything or even reset the modem and/or router.  But tonight around the same time as yesterday (not during peak hours or anything) packet loss has been slowly creeping in and getting progressively worse.  

    I'm trying to understand how this is on my end and what I could do to fix it, but i just don't see it, given how intermittent and erratic it is, and how the issue has persisted through different modems and routers, is there a problem with the wiring in my house or in my neighborhood or something? would Cox fix it, and would they charge me to fix it?  I know techs have been out when I was on my roommates internet through Cox but they would always say they never found anything wrong

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    Basically the cable modem is reporting poor signal suggesting a wiring or equipment issue. It may be time to see about scheduling a technician to come out and troubleshoot further.

  • Cox Technician came by today, he checked things out and said it's a problem with the main line in the area, and that other's are seeing issues too.  He said that there should be people out to fix it by tomorrow at the latest.

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    It does appear a ticket was escalated to our maintenance team and in the middle of that process an outage also got declared. While the outage has since cleared it does appear the ticket is still active.