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Intermittent multiple internet connection issues

I've had two tech visits and a half dozen calls to support.  My issue is that we lose our internet connection.  We have a fairly new ASUS router and that stays up and we get the little exclamation mark on our connection icon.  Sometimes it blips off and will come back on itself.  Other times we have to reboot the modem.  The modem shows the Online LED as green.  Our modem is the Cisco DPC 3010.  Could this be going bad?  First tech replaced all connectors inside, removed an unnecessary splitter, and replaced connectors on side of house as well as street junction box.  Second technician added a filter on the modem connection.  We are still having issues.  Can anyone help?

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    Sounds like an issue with DHCP on your asus router. I would check the logs to see if that's what is causing it. Cox won't help you with anything on your internal network. 

    The last thing you could try is having them diagnose the modem if you see anything odd in the signal strength on your modems web interface.


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    Thanks - I am not having DHCP issues as we are not losing access to the router.  All local network connections are up and fine.  I called again this evening and they are recommending a new modem based on looking at the modem logs. 

  • Hi Diamondback,

    Were you able to replace the modem? If so, has that resolved the connectivity issues you've been experiencing lately?