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Intermittent disconnect at least once per hour

I get many messages from Cox online backup telling me that my connection has been lost, and if I'm on FB I see a message under chat telling me also that the connection has been lost. It reconnects immediately without me doing anythng, but this can't be right and I fear it may signs of something worse to come...

I've always had problems when trying to stream anything on DirectTv or Chromecast, I think this constant disconnect/reconnect may be causing those problems.

What are the first things that I should check and/or do?

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    I having this same issue.  Are you in Las vegas by chance?  

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    The first thing is to try and isolate the issue to the Cox network (cable to modem) or your internal network (wired Ethernet & WiFi). Are all your devices connected using WiFi? Do you have a wired connection? Do you loose the wired connection when you loose the others? What model modem/router or gateway are you using? From your description, sounds like interference on the WiFi band you are using causing drops and reconnects, are you using the 2.4GHz band or do you have devices on 5GHz too? Do both bands drop at the same time?

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    @ Keneric & Billy79

    Those are good suggested have either of you try ti isolate the issue?

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    I'm Billy 79.  

    I was getting drops repeatedly Saturday night and Sunday morning and have no internet since Sunday afternoon.  I'm currently hooked up to the ground connection.  My downstream power is between -9-10 dbmv and my SNR is 38.6.  I've repeatedly received the "no ranging response recieved - T3 time out.  I also receive a unicast ranging received abort response - reinitializing.  I'm pretty sure the network is denying my modem access.  It can't get anything for upstream.

    I'm getting the modem replaced today.  Tech support just wants me to power cycle.  They were not interested in any of the modem information I just gave. 

  • @Billy79,

    We can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address to so we can help.



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    Are you gonna do anything other than try and see the modem and ask me to power cycle?

    Edit:. I've contacted support 4 times all they want to do is power cycle then send a technician.  One person, Suri C, never responded after ten minutes via chat.

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    Resetting the modem got rid of the "you are not connected to the internet" messages, but the speed tests I did this morning are all 16, 17, 18 download speed.  only once it got to 22.

    What do I do now?

  • Keneric, 

    Please sign in at to run a test which logs to your account. It would be best to use a wired connection. Please let me know once the test has been run so I can review your result.

  • Billy79,

    I was able to find your account using the credentials you registered for forums with, so for now we won't need you to email us unless we need to schedule an appointment. Please let me know what troubleshooting steps you've already completed and if the lights on the modem go out when the connection drops. If I have the right account, your modem is currently showing offline for me.

    You mentioned the modem being connected to the "ground connection," how was your modem connected previously?