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Intermittent Connectivity Problem apparently solved

We have had intermittent connectivity issues for quite a while. The TV (both the big box and the three miniboxes) would be affected and have distorted audio, pixelization and complete frame dropout of video, Internet service occassionally totally gone and WiFi would go away until I rebooted the Gateway/modem/router. it recently got so bad that I was rebooting the router multiple times per day. I finally requested a tech visit, and the fella Cox sent out immediately found the issue when he inspected the drop coming into the house. The lightning arrestor (a small, barrel like device with a ground wire connected to the shell) was mointed on the outside wall, unprotected (not in a box). The tech said it was the issue (he did not elaborate) and proceeded to mount a box on the wall and put a new lightening arrestor inside the box. I was a techie for 45 years, and to be honest, I thought this was total B.S. and was expecting no improvement in service. Much to me surprise and delight, we have had no need to reboot the router for WiFi in 3 days, had no loss of internet service and the TV has only experienced one short signal dropout! We had had a couple techs visit us before, and they either did not know about this issue or didn't notice it.

So, I'm hopeful this solves all our issues!

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    I'm happy to hear things have improved.  Should you continue to have any issues let us us and we'll be happy to assist.