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Intermittent connection loss

I started noticing on New Year's Eve that my internet connection would drop intermittently through the day and into the evening. I reset my modem and router repeatedly through the evening until I finally gave up and used my phone as a hot spot. The next day, I resolved to fix the issue by removing the existing router and replacing it with a new router. I did that on New Years Day. However I found that it still dropped connection on all internet connected devices. After a reset of the equipment, everything would be fine. I have not had any issues with my television service.

Today, 1/2/17, I found the internet connection has dropped out twice. Finally I went to look at the status of my cable modem. I have a Zoom 5341J cable modem. I have been using this modem for about 18 months. The only thing that looked odd to me was of the 8 channels on the downstream, Channel 4 was showing correctables and incorrectables. After doing a little more research I have learned that uncorrectables are not necessarily a good thing and could be the crux of my issues. I have definitely confirmed after a reboot of my modem I was able to clear out the correctables and uncorrectables to a count of 0.

The very next time I lost internet at about 4pm EST I found more uncorrectables listed. I have not changed any equipment or made any service changes during the life of this modem. I clearly have a problem, I am just unsure of where to begin looking for the issue. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Looking from this end I'm more concerned about the router than the modem. Your subscribed speeds are well above what the router can handle and I suspect it's betting overwhelmed. Can you try connecting a PC with a gigabit Ethernet port to the modem then resetting the modem and see if that works any better?