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Instant Xbox Live Disconnection

For the past couple of months, I haven't been able to connect to Xbox Live wireless (I can't use a wired connection as it's situated in the house to where I have no access to a wired connection, FYI)  to play a multiplayer session on the Xbox One. The problem first started from random, intermittent disconnects even without Chromecast (streaming Netflix) streaming in the next room. After it does it's thing however, it stops momentarily for a week or two before it decides to flare up again. Very recently, it has decided to instantly disconnect me from a multiplayer game of any kind, regardless of what game it is. So I got curious, went into my modem's (Netgear CG3000DV2) settings, forwarded all the necessary ports, had WMM on, even dabbled with the UPnP and DMZ settings. Countless resets from both the modem and Xbox, and I was not making any headway whatsoever.

I did an experiment last night involving making my phone a mobile hotspot and having my Xbox One connect to it and guess what? No random disconnects, no instantly dropped multiplayer games. Granted, I did have a constant Moderate NAT but I kind of figured such since, well, it's my phone. At this point, I am considerably frustrated because I can't do much else within the parameters of my modem's UI and settings. I can't even manually update my firmware! So, unless specific traffic on Xbox Live is being throttled, I don't what to make of this honestly.

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    I checked the modem from this end and am having some difficulty communicating it due to packet loss. Are there any cable splitters you can try bypassing and seeing if that helps?

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    I hope to the techno gods I am not ever put into a match with you. Wireless connection to a 15$ router? Your mouse is probably worth more then that.  Wireless connections should not be used for multiplayer gaming IMO. 

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    There's no cable splitting. This seems to happen with more severity when Chromecast is running. I can't help but think it's due to the modem itself being single band (2.4ghz), but I am not sure.

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    Upgrade to a dual band router or gateway, the cheapo CG3000DV2 should have been retired long ago - it's just not going to be sufficient for any kind of gaming, let alone FPS