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Installation Fee

Hi -

I installed my modem and set up my wireless internet per the instructions; however, it's still not working. Cox wants me to pay $55 for a technician to come out but I've already spent $20 just setting it up. Then they say they may have to move the line to the living room which will cost more. Apparently, it's in the back small bedroom which would be mean the living room and the master bedroom would be slow. They even said to put it in the middle of the house aka my living room. I think that is absolute ** and am considering cancelling my account because I don't think i should have to pay even more fees when I am a brand new cox customer. I don't think I'm overreacting, but wanted other opinions. I know At&t would be more than happy to have my business for 4+ years throughout my college education. 

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    Please email full address and primary name to so we can take a look.