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INFO stuck on one channel

Regardless of which channel we select, the INFO feature stays on 104 IDHD.

Makes navigating through channels a bit more difficult, unless we use the Guide every time.

It would be nice to see which channel we are on as we go through the channels, or check the INFO feature independently to see what is on a specific channel.

Example: If the TV is on channel 43 and you select INFO - it shows 104 IDHD and only tells you what is currently on that channel.  Advance to channel 44 and it shows that you just went to 104 IDHD and tells you what is currently on 104 IDHD.

Just started this morning.

Did a self-test on our mini-box and reprogrammed the channels, but no luck.

Tried to do an online chat, but if you take more than a few seconds to respond they disconnect your session - real helpful.  SMH.

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    The first time I tried to chat I did it on my mobile so it took a little longer to reply.  Mary M. hardly gave me any time and disconnected me from chat.  Went online at my PC and Gary R. was fantastic.  Solved the issue quickly.

    All it took was a reboot from their side and suddenly channels identify as what they truly are and show what is currently on each channel.