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Incompetence at the highest level

For almost 2 weeks now, I have been unable to properly use my internet services. I pay for the Ultimate Bundle, mainly for heavy gaming and streaming. Recently, I have been experiencing major packet loss, choke and request time outs with my connection. When I originally called, the person over the phone told me my modem was the problem; I had an arris SB6190. He recommended I buy a netgear cm1000, which indeed I did. A few days later, the modem arrived and the problem wasn't resolved.

A ticket was created for me and a technician came out on 10 / 23 (Monday). He couldn't figure out the problem, so he referred my case to maintenance. I have called almost every day since 10 / 23 (Monday) to make sure my ticket was moving in the right direction, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON told me the maintenance team is going to work on it, and that they need 3-5 days to fix this issue. 

I called yesterday 10 / 26 (Thursday) to ask for a status, and I was told that a supervisor would call me back within a few hours to inform me of what is going on. I never received a call back. I call again today 10 / 27 (Friday), in which the tier 2 technician tells me a maintenance ticket was never properly put in. WHAT?!?!?! Before I elaborate, let me just tell you everything I have tried.

1) New modem - 2) Bypassed router and went direct to modem - 3) bought new Ethernet cable [cat6] - 4) tried using WiFi instead - 5) tried using multiple computers, all have the same issue - 6) had tech come out to test the lines, which tested fine - 7) called tier 2 numerous times, in which they have confirmed they do see packet loss on my connection

**Also a side note. I have worked in I.T. for 10+ years, and I am not computer/networking illiterate.**

Back to the status, they now tell me a tech has to come back out to look at the problem once more, and if he can't resolve it (which I am confident he 100% will not), he will refer back to the maintenance team. This is absolutely ridiculous and incompetence at the highest level. How is it possible that over 5+ people within the past week have all told me a maintenance ticket was properly created into the system, and the last day I expect it to be resolved, I get word that they cannot even see a maintenance ticket on my account. After I requested to speak to a supervisor this morning (15 minutes ago), I told him he needs to go back and review all my calls (I hope they are recorded). It is nearly impossible for everyone to magically see that maintenance ticket, but then suddenly it disappears?

I even talked to the CAG Line yesterday, in which they also confirmed a maintenance ticket. I am about to ready to completely cancel my service with COX, because this is the most unprofessional and incompetent practice I have seen since Comcast.

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  • Hi James Anzaldua,

    Reading your post is indeed distressing, and I think you have every right to be upset.  I am truly sorry for the frustration and aggravation you have endured in seeking help for your issue.  Please send us an email at so that we may review what has been done and also what needs to be done for resolution.  Please be sure to include the URL so that we may identify you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

  • The technician just got here and found the problem within 15 minutes.

    They checked the lines on the street and stated I was only getting levels of 29, when I should actually be getting 35 or more. They said 29 is very low, and this is most likely the cause for my packet loss, time outs, lag and choke. They have escalated it to maintenance and said it could take up to 3 days for them to arrive.

    So basically, I have had a week wasted of my time because the first technician who came out didn't know what he was doing and couldn't find the problem. The technicians today said he SHOULD have found the problem, because they have the same tools he does. 

    Again, as it is said in the title, incompetence at the highest level. And now I have to wait possibly 3 more days until this gets fixed? You (COX) should be escalating this to the point where maintenance comes out first thing tomorrow morning, if not TONIGHT.

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    On the user accessible status page>signals on the SB6190, from any browser, a downstream SNR of 29 would have been a flashing red light to anyone, computer literate or not, having done a 5 minute Google search in an attempt at self-troubleshooting.

    Although, for at least a year now, a 5 minute, due diligence Google search on the SB6190 pre-purchase would have persuaded a potential buyer to run away as fast and as far as they could from this device.

  • @Jerry - I have worked in IT for the past 10+ years. You apparently did not read my original post. The levels on my modem were fine. The post I made regarding the levels of 29 that should have been 35, were regarding the lines running from the street, NOT the levels of my modem. Also, the first major thing I did to troubleshoot the problem was buy a new modem to replace the SB6190. I bought the SB6190 when it first came out, 2 years ago. Stop assuming things because it makes you look like a condescending tool.

  • So the maintenance technician came by on Saturday morning, in which he apparently couldn't find anything wrong. He told me he would continue testing and looking for any issues, so I walked back inside my home. A little while later, I look outside to see if he is still working, but he is gone. I call COX support (tier 2) line to find out what he wrote down, in which they said it is still a work in progress.

    I asked them to escalate the ticket to at least notify me with a status update. The tier 2 person said they would initiate a status update request, which at least put me at ease for a little bit. Saturday goes by, no update. Sunday goes by, no update. I end up calling a few hours ago to ask for a status on what happened, in which the tier 2 tech told me my maintenance ticket was resolved. I asked what the resolution was, and they said no issues were found, so there was nothing to resolve. So I guess for now, I need to test it again and make sure it is working properly. As of right now, it is working OK.

    Here comes the best part. Before I got off the phone with tier 2, I told them about the compensation portion of my ticket. That I should be compensated for all the time I was out, as well as all the hoops I had to jump through with COX support and the COX technicians. The constant miscommunication, hours spent on the phone, etc... The tier 2 tech stated all they can compensate me for is $29. I thought this was a slap in the face, so I told them I wanted to talk to loyalty support.

    I called the Loyalty Department, in which the person put me on hold after 15 minutes and then hung up on me. I call back and get an apparent "account manager", who tells me there is nothing she can do for me. Telling me the system auto-generates a compensation back to the account, and that's all I am going to get. I explain how long I have been out of proper service, as well as 4-5 days prior to the ticket of my own troubleshooting tier 2 told me to try. She starts to argue with me about how $29 is more than fair, and that she has dealt with the same thing with her cell phone, going out for 24 hours. I tell her, yeah but I got loads and loads of information that contradicted itself, over the course of almost 2 weeks, through various people and tiers. She again tries to defend it by saying, "Yeah that's what you are going to get when there are multiple people looking at your ticket. People will give you misinformation."

    For being in loyalty, she was the worst person I have talked to (customer service wise) in the past 2 weeks. That was the cherry on top, of the worst customer service experience I have had.

    If you think I am lying or altering the story a bit, please go listen to the call. I called around 6:30 PM PST. She was awful, and if I don't actually get properly compensated, I'll leave to another ISP. 

  • James Anzaldua

    The maintenance technician left notes that say there wasn't any packet loss, he checked all frequencies. Maintenance technician also reported that the speed tests came back good. I took a close look at the modem and it's getting a very good signal. I did notice that you don't have IPv6 enabled, it's available if you're not aware. You were credited from the day you called in about the issue up to the day the maintenance tech was out.

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    Not to this topic but how do I post about an email issue?
  • good question.  i asked some time ago & got blown off too.

    some issues are in internet & some are in apps.  but since cox made a "THING" about email...there should be a proper area.

    fyi....apps gets ignored.