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In game lag

I have been playing HOTS for a while now and was hoping that my new router would provide assistance with lag issues. My game lags every minute or two. This lag is extremely problematic because the game almost freezes for a few moments then comes back. This doesn't always happen but it does happen more often than not. I do not have problems with any other games as far as I can tell. I notice that it says my connection is breaking on the website even tho it seems to be working fine. I just recently upgraded my Router to the C7000 and was hoping the issues would be fixed but not much has changed. I also seem to have a lot of issues with a wired connection. For some reason I get kicked off the internet when I have the wired connection plugged in. I really would like some advice on what to do to help my connection speed or at least help it stay constantly connected.

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  • Hi, are you experiencing this issue with any other devices on your home network?