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Hi. Can I change my main Cox account from pop to imap in webmail?

I am using Windows Live 2012 on my PC. But that is old. I have been looking at the Cox appsuite web page. I did use the Enhanced Cox web mail from time to time but it wasn't my favorite.

I'm trying to figure out if using the new Cox appsuite and importing my other Cox accounts and my gmail accounts is a good idea. Or should I use my gmail web mail and import my Cox accounts there plus my other gmail accounts.

Yikes. Then there is the iPhone email.

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts or ideas.

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    Hi Stewyman,

    There is no setting to change your Webmail to IMAP unless you setup an external email account within Webmail. Which one do you use the most? I'd set up mail forwarding for the account that you use the least to go to your main email account. Or you could enter the IMAP settings to have it pick up those messages.