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IMAP Trash being deleted too soon

I just switched from a POP account to an IMAP account and love the way it is syncing between my laptop, phone, and the server.  The one issue that I can't resolve is that items in my TRASH are being permanently deleted automatically after a day or two.  The only emails in the trash are ones from Today and Yesterday.  I want them left there until either I delete them permanently or at least two weeks.  On my iphone, I have it set to delete after one month.  In Outlook 2013, I have the box Unchecked that says delete when closing outlook.  I also have the box Unchecked that says to purge the folder when switching folders.  How can I make the time longer before Cox permanently deletes my trash bin?

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    You can't, Cox policy is:  "Effective immediately all content in the trash, deleted and/or any other folder designated for deleted messages may now be deleted at any time and without additional notice."   See the discussion thread here and email policy here.

    My only suggestion is make sure you keep anything you don't want deleted in a working folder, not in a trash folder.  If you just move emails to a holding folder instead of deleting them, you should be ok.

  • Thanks for letting me know that Cox will not let us adjust the timeframe on the permanent deletion. As a courtesy to their customers, I wish they would extend it to something other than one day. Until that day happens, I've taken your advice and I'm moving everything that I normally would delete to a folder that I established. We'll see if the e-mails stay there without Cox deleting them.

  • Thanks Allen.  I've been having the same problem. I will try the folders suggestion.

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    I have been in contact with Cox numerous times about this.  Creating a folder for "Important" items which might need reviewing at a future date is a workable solution; however, when I don't delete an email until it is already more than 24 hours old, problems arise.  If I delete an email more than 24 hours old thinking I don't need it, it is gone forever immediately upon moving it to trash.  Also, just yesterday I deleted an email because I thought I was on one email in Outlook but actually had highlighted an older one I was keeping.  It deleted and was gone forever, and I don't even know what the email was.  I don't want to be held hostage to sorting my email every 24 hours.  Please consider adjusting this.  I pay for 2GB and use only 7%.  It's my space; release the grip.  If you wish for more than 24 hours, please contact Cox.

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    backpackin, I haven't seen immediate removal of deleted email, even older ones.  I use Thunderbird as my client and my Cox account is setup as IMAP.  I did some cleanup this morning, deleted emails from my inbox which were anywhere from today to a month old.  All are still in the trash folder a half hour later.  I've never had a problem retrieving a message accidentally deleted during the same session.  How is your email account setup in Outlook?

  • I have the same issue and unfortunately have not been able to figure out how to keep the emails from being deleted.  Until I can figure it out, I am moving most emails to folders to keep them from deleting.