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IMAP hosted at Rackspace?

I've posted before in the forum about the recent problems with IMAP service.

At one point, the IMAP servers had been moved to Rackspace. Then they were back at Cox addresses.

This morning, I had the dreaded username/password popup in Outlook. On a hunch, I decided to check the current IP address for, which is That address is at Rackspace.

Cox - what is going on with IMAP? And don't you think you should let your customers know that you've moved their email off of Cox servers?

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    Many services are using cloud providers for infrastucture - take a look at how many base off of AWS.  It's a cloud services provider.  Heck many places have email provided by a 3rd party platform - so again it's not an issue. 

    The issue is that Cox keeps screwing up the email - who cares where the servers are hosted, as long as it is on a reliable platform.

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    grymwulf said:
    who cares where the servers are hosted, as long as it is on a reliable platform.

    Who cares? Either Cox got hacked and they are trying to hide it by not talking about it, or they launched the biggest email migration in their history without warning their customers or the very support staff that run the email servers. Not only did they break when moved, but there is no mention to where they were moved to. 

    Personally I wouldn't touch Cox email with a 10 foot pole attached to a 20 foot pole with duct tape. It was below average before, but now running off bottom shelf AWS servers, with public internet between Cox and the servers, using clear type thanks! If they weren't hacked before, they soon will be.