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IMAP folders in Microsoft Outlook 365 do not appear in Cox WebMail

I had some folders in Outlook 365 which were marked (This computer only) because I didn't realize I was exceeding the maximum number of folders limit (what is that limit by the way).  I deleted some folders and was able to recreate the folder names without the phrase "(This computer only)" being tacked on.  However, even though I mapped the folders using the IMAP function in Outlook 365, the emails in those folders are not showing up in my Cox WebMail.  How do I get all of the e-mails in Outlook 365 to be mirrored in Cox WebMail so that I am protected in the event of PC failure?

Thank you for your help...

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    Foggy, the IMAP portion should keep the messages and folders in both locations at the same time however there are some limitations to names and size dealing with the Webmail site that may play a factor. To my knowledge there is not a limit on total folders but only the total size dealing with the account on the mail server. There are however some problems with certain characters not being recognized when dealing with folders. Are any of the folder names on Outlook showing special character that are not alpha numeric?