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Identify my cable box ?

Cox upgraded my cable box to a Contour box but I have no idea of its make or model. I need this to change the device on my universal remote. Tech-support tells me I have a Cisco MMX013. I can't find anything on the Internet, anywhere, called a Cisco MMX013. However, looking at the pictures on the Cox website to help you identify your box, it looks like the one identified as Arris XG1v1. Can anybody help me identify what brand and model number cable box I really have?

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    My guess is MMX013 is some kind of number related to something other then the model number. Maybe something to do with the Cisco rebanding . I would suggest waiting until you get the box and physically look at it. 

    BTW, is this for a slingbox remote?

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    That's one thing about Cox...they can't simply standardize the make and model of equipment.  I understand researching a serial number or MAC address would take some effort, but why not use common identifiers?

    For example, my cable box is physically labeled as Cisco Explorer 4642HDC.  However, it's identified as CSH4642 on the My Services page and as Explorer 4642HDC on the Identifying Your Cox Digital Receiver page.

    It's the same for my cable modem:  ARRIS Touchstone SB6182, DGI6182 and SB6182 respectively.

    Forget about my telephone modem.  On the My Services page under Cox Digital Telephone Essential, I don't have a telephone modem:  "According to our records, you have no Cox-provided equipment linked to your account."

    As Tecknow wrote, you could physically look at your set-top box.

    You could also research what's linked to your account:

      - Log into your account at
      - If you don't have an account, register with either your Account Number or Service Address and last 4 of your SSN
      - Scroll down to My TV
      - Click View My TV Package
      - Locate TV Receivers
      - Copy the Make and Model listed
      - Click User Guide
      - On the Identifying Your Cox Digital Receiver page, try to search with the Make and Model number
      - I say "try" because you may have to be creative with your search, such as using only the number in Make and Model number

    I don't have Contour, but the Make and Model of your box might be identified somewhere within the on-screen guide.  Then again, it might just be identified with the Serial Number, which is no help.

    Or maybe a moderator could provide it.

  • Hi Mhamrick5,

    MMX013 is the Cox-internal item number for the Arris XG1v3 High Definition DVR Receiver. Contour 2 receivers use the same IR code set as the Comcast Xfinity receivers. When programming your universal remote, if you are unable to find codes specific for Cox Contour or the Arris XG1v3, try using Xfinity codes.