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I would like to know what type of router to purchase.


I have upgraded my service to Cox Ultimate and have changed my cable modem to the Linksys CM3024. I still have a fairly old Netgear WNR2000v4 router, and I have noticed it cannot keep up with my service speed. I am usually getting about 300+ mbps (as I should) when I am directly connected to the cable modem, but only about 90 mbps when I wired through the router. I would just like to know what type of router I should be looking for to have the 300 mbps speed, or anywhere close to it, while I am wired through it. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Hello,

    Although it appears you may need a new router.  Prior to going out and picking one up verify that its not something simple as a firmware update that needs performed within the router.  As long as you are not finding any connection issues with the wired network and there are no other devices around the router that can affect the strength or stability or your WiFi connection.  Then we would recommend just picking up a router that at least will reach gigabit speeds.  We cannot recommend any particular device.  Others here might, but we just recommend doing a product review.  You should be able to determine what router will work best for you, as you know the needs on your connection.  If you need us for anything else please let us know.