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I need to move my emails to my cox business account. is there a way to do this?

ok, I recently changed my services from residential internet to business class. most of the reasons have to deal with service limitations. However, that is not the question I wish to ask. I have several email addresses (all of them my room mates) and I need to keep these as some account info for other services go there (like gaming accounts, credit cards, etc). these accounts cannot be lost. Is there a way to transition them to the business account? It is highly important that these email addresses be kept active (even if its just an alias to a cox biz internet email address). I have about 3 weeks to affect this change and that is not nearly enough time to notify and deal with various third parties to get their end changed to new emails. Seriously, I am paying good money here, so I am deserving of the most support that can be offered. btw, the answer NO is not acceptable. if there is a way, I am asking for it to be found and implimented.

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  • n7zzt,

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