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I just want to record every Laker game on my contour 2 DVR

I can not find a way to only record every game the Lakers play. If I say Lakers then select record it starts to record everything that has to do with Lakers including shows I dont care to watch. I dont need it to record the 5 replays of the game or the spanish version. I would like to find a way to just create a Lakers recording that only record the games on first run. I was able to do this with my Rivo DVR from cox

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    Same boat with LA Kings. Want to record every game with the ability to extend an 1 1/2 because I've been burned by the auto extend. My old Contour had this ability. Contour 2 relies on show names. So you can record all Monday, Thursday, Sunday night football games but not the weekend games because there not called Sunday morning football or Sunday afternoon football. I can set to record all Kings pregame shows, but not the games themselves.  And why can't I skip channels. Contour 2 needs a lot of work. Start by restoring the basic functionality of the prior Contour.

  • Hello Portman,

    Thanks for your feedback. Contour 2 has a way to manage a favorites guide, but not skip channels.