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I have to pay for service that is not provided... what a scam!

After they switched over to the "NEW" and NOT improved service (digital, I think) I could not watch a whole program without it going out several times during the show time.  I also LOST all of the channels that I had previous to that and when we inquired about it, they had no answer.  They also recommended restarting it.  So we restarted, and restarted and finally gave up, as it didn't do any good.  I called, stopped by to talk to someone, called some more.......  The whole time we were paying an outrageous bill for "service"? and there was no service.  I had to constantly re-boot the computer to use it.   Finally....... they sent someone out!  I thought I would be able to watch TV!  NOPE!  He just gave us some jibber jabber that didn't make any sense and then added $$$ dollar signs to our bill if we wanted it "fixed" and he left us to our non service/but full payment status!  That was the final straw......  I stopped paying (since I had no service to pay for) and now they are sending me bills  like crazy "after" shutting me off!  When will we get "choices" for services that actually work?  It seems that we are dealing with a "Monopoly" (which is actually illegal)....  Since they don't offer another "comparable" service in our area, we are stuck using COX or nothing......  Either way is pretty much the same results.  The only difference is that we pay over $150 a month for Little to nothing with COX and the "complete nothing" is FREE......  Am I disgusted????  Oh, *** no!  It's waaaay beyond that!

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