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I have no choice but leave COX

I just had a disturbing phone call with COX and since they don't have anyplace I can find to send my comments, I decided to use this forum. I am hoping that someone from Cox is monitoring and actually wants to fix this problem to retain a customer

On Sept 22 2017 I negotiated a new rate for Internet & Cable (and phone which they force you to take thru their pricing) of $159.40. Their rep said I was "Good for another year".  In Oct I had to call since the bill was strange, and again they confirmed my rate for the next year.  Well, Decembers bill had a $20 a month increase!  I called and they say oops....the previous reps forgot about "the step-up", and they will not make an adjustment.  The fact that they will not honor my 3 month old negotiation is so wrong, that I will be looking for either a new provider or a way to do TV with online services.  I am so tired of not only having to call about incorrect bills, but having to swap out their equipment. (3 DVR's in 4 yrs, and several dozen mini-boxes) . Cox, you need to step up and honor what your reps quote when they are trying to retain us. 

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  • Hi KandS,

    This forum is primarily intended for the discussion of technical issues among peers. Billing and account issues require the sharing of sensitive information to resolve which isn't best suited for a public forum. Please email us at with this post, your full name, and complete address and we’d be happy to assist you with this.