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I guess I ma a heavy user? greed will put you out of business

They say it effects less than 2% of customers and they refer to them as heavy users.

I have a family of 5, 3 kids, that play games and stream youtube and sometimes netflix.

We never download movies or games or anything of that matter and yet, we always *reach 85%* of our cap.

This month I got my notice and we were in NY for 20 days, no one home... sure thing.... 

I also have every single TV channel they offer, my bill is 270 a month with ultimate internet, now they want to charge me more for going over 1tb?

Sorry, it aint gonna happened I am looking into satellite tv and at another ISP.

I will be saving money if I was to switch to centurylong and directv..

I can understand if people pay 100 a month for ultimate and they stream away 24/7 on 5 tvs, some of us pay for your *** tv services with 10s of worthless channels we never watch, why hit us?

bad move cox, I been a customer for 20 years, I am gone as soon as I see a dollar over charge on my account 

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    Same here, they really put the cart before the horse on this one.

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    +1. Such stunning greed and disrespect for their customers is truly amazing. Whoever's idea this was over there, give yourself a pat on the back, then shove your foot up your **** and jump off a cliff. Cox, I can't wait to see you go under, it's going to give me such joy to watch. I hope it's slow, and very painful.