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I am getting less than 1 Mbps download speed

I have been having slow and unreliable internet speed problem with my Cox connection for quite sometime now. I called several times, sometimes escalating the case to level 2. I even had a Cox technician to come and check everything inside and out.

Here is what usually happens: As part of the routine diagnostic test, each time consuming about an hour on the phone and on the computer/modem/router, I end up restarting the modem a few times, clearing the cash, and the speed gets back up to expected levels, 100-160 Mbps. After just an hour or less, I am back to single digits, sometime less than 1 Mbps. Unbelievable.

I have a modem, SB6141 (which is still the best seller on Amazon). WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Why Cox internet is so unreliable? The support has not helped so far. If I had a choice of another internet provider vendor, I would have been gone by now. 

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    Have you tried to bypass your router and plug the modem into the computer.  Do all the normal things you do, test speed.  Wait your standard 1-2hrs and test again.  if the speed hasn't changed I'd start looking at the router.  If the speed does deteriorate I'd try swapping the modem to see if that solves the issue.

    Are you getting the slow-down all devices?