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Hundreds of recent episodes are

Hundreds of recent episodes that should be available on demand are missing. Shows that should be available via cox on demand, are unavailable, just invisible. Saturday Night Live, Criminal Minds, Timeless, NCIS: Los Angeles, ---cox wants to compete with cord cutters-than cox needs to be more reliable than cord cutting services.

If I have to go online to get the most recent Criminal Minds episode that cox was supposed to have provided, well you can follow my thinking from there I think.

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  • Hi Tjcnnr,

    All of the titles you mentioned are available in the On Demand library as of this morning. Are you using the Contour app on a mobile device to access On Demand content? Are you connected to your home network, or trying to watch episodes outside of your home? If I understand how you access the shows you want to watch, I'd be better able to assist you.

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    No they are not. Criminal Minds showed up this morning, as did SNL. But NCIS: Los Angeles has episode 7 as the latest episode when episode 8 and 9 have aired. Timeless has episode 5 as the latest episode when 6 has already aired.

    I'm using contour on my laptop from my home.

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    I have submitted a ticket to review NCIS and Timeless titles in OnDemand. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.