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Hulu/HBO NOW app latency on Xbox 360

For several months I have been having an issue streaming Hulu and HBO NOW shows on the Xbox 360 via their apps. While I was working on troubleshooting I received the following message from Hulu after providing my download and ping data, which was a Download speed of 2.63 Mbps and a ping of 63ms. Their response stated: 

"Thank you for sending us the additional info. I think I may see what the source of the problem is now. For standard definition video, we require a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps, and for our High Definition video stream, we need to maintain over 3.0 Mbps. We also recommend a ping speed (or latency) below 50ms." They go on to state something about working with the ISP...not sure if they were gonna work it or if I had too. Anyway, after waiting a few months I wanted to see wanted to see what I could do to fix it. 

So I ran the Network diagnostics under Xbox 360 Network settings. The download was about 14-15Mbps and the ping was between 88-99ms. This is clearly the problem. The funny thing about the situation though, is that no other device (phone, Win laptop, Chrome book, etc.) have any issues with running these apps/websites. 

I would like to get some advice on what I should do next. My overall COX service is pretty good, and the network is running smooth. This is a minor nuisance but it's getting old.