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HTML Editor is a bogus app on Cox WebMail!

You will get no help from Cox technicians concerning HTML Editor in Cox WebMail! I tried and the "Chat" session was immediately terminated! You will have to search on the internet yourself. When you enter the two https addresses required by Java in the "Exception Site List", restart computer then go to Cox WebMail> "Compose"> HTML Editor you will get the message:

"Certificate has been revoked. The application will not be executed." (WAS REVOKED DEC 1, 2014!!!)

Name:      com.openwave.paf.htmleditor.HTMLEditor


So it follows that this is a bogus app! Cox apparently has not done anything about it for nearly 2 1/2 years!

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    Follow-up for HTML Editor on Cox WebMail: Not only has not worked to this date but have received a "tidal wave" of intrusions taking over my WebMail page when signed into and opened!!! The only solution was to go back to Java and remove the two sites that were suggested by Cox to make the HTML Editor workable from the "Exception Site List"!

    Again this emphasizes the fact that HTML Editor link is BOGUS! It is apparently only a link for aggressive cookies some hiding behind the guise of "Adobe" updates and numerous others which prevent use of WebMail if allowed!!!

    This issue took place even though I had changed Safari preferences to "Block All Cookies"!!! The only solution was to delete the Java "Exception Site List"!