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How to watch Contour 2 on TV? Quantico episodes 1 & 2 are where? Is Contour too flawed?

I got a telemarketing call from Cox yesterday as a former cable subscriber for the Contour app. Then I find I can't get the app on Apple TV and I can't mirror it from my old iphone (I want to be able to use my newer iphone) and my old ipad can't play it either.

So I'm watching tv on an itty bitty iphone 4S. 

What is the best way to watch Contour 2 where you can actually see the screen? Or have you found a better technology?

I like Hulu, but thought this might fill in the gaps hulu doesn't fill. Like Quantico.

But Quantico is missing episodes 1 and 2 of the season. Which doesn't make sense since it was able to load later episodes in the season. I see other shows missing episodes, too. Cox tried to say it wasn't their fault, it's the On Demand system. But it's their app. 


Thank you in advance!


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    As you found out, there is no Apple TV app at this time.  Also, Cox doesn't allow airplay, I get a rights violation message when you try to use airplay, but I am still using version 2 of the app on my iPad ... version 3 (current) requires iOS 9+ and I'm still on 8.  So, you must be on iOS 9 or 10 to install the app.  That could be why your old iPad won't work.

    I have had success chromecasting it from my laptop, using Cox website to watch TV in Chrome and casting it to my Chromecast device. That works at least today.