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How to turn WLAN Partition off?

I have a wireless printer that will only work on 2.4ghz band/network/SSID  (and not the 5 ghz band/network) but won't devices that maybe connected t the 5ghz band/network be able to see and use the printer.  My research seems to say that I need to turn the "WLAN Partition" setting to off so that devices can see/communicate across the 2 bands/networks - but I don't see that option anywhere on the screens available with logging into my Cox Arris router.  Any suggestions?  For now I'm having to force all devices that I want to use the printer with on the same 2.4 ghz band/network/SSID.  Thanks.

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    Do you have a guest network setup by any chance?  I've never seen a router with isolation setup between two normal networks by default.  If one or both are guest networks, yes, they won't be able to see one another.  The "WLAN partition" you refer to may be called something different be different manufactures ... maybe network isolation, guest network, etc.  make sure both bands are setup as normal networks.  I don't have an ARRIS router, I use Netgear, but my 5GHz devices have no problem talking to devices on 2.4GHz.

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