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How To Record Later Episode

I received the new Cox Contour (XG1-A) DVR set-top box a couple of weeks ago. Being a long time DVR user, I have to say this has to be the best one so far. A terabyte of storage and the voice input is great.

However, I find one big problem. I’ve been used to recording the episode of a NEW show later the same night or just after midnight. The new box does not appear to give this option – no “Airtime” option in the RECORD options. (This is to avoid recording conflicts.)

So, how does one record the “Repeat” NEW show later that night? Must I record both “New and Repeat” episodes? Or, is this a ploy by Cox to get you to get the 6-tuner option? 



(Almost a 30-year subscriber)

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    sky,  this doesn't solve your problem but I go into the Search and enter the show name.  then go to First Run - it might say New Episode   (the other options are All Episodes or HD Episodes).  you can manually schedule the recording there.  that new show might re-air 5 times over the next 10 days so pick any one of the 5.    once I switched to the 6 tuner, I was glad ; it really is fun to have the option to record 6 shows at once.