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How to add an additional email address?

I already have an email address, how do add another one, where do I go to do it?

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    Hi Rhodey81,

    To add another email account, please do the following:

    1)  In a web browser, go to

    2)  Click Sign In My Account.

    3)  Enter your primary User ID and Password, then click Sign In.

    4)  From the My Account page, click View My Profile.

    5)  Click the Users & Email Accounts tab.

    6)  Click Add User.

    7)  Fill out the requested information.

    8)  Click on "Yes, create an email account"

    9)  Enter the security code.

    10) Click on Add Secondary User.

    You will see that new email address listed under Users & Email Accounts.

    Let us know if you have problems with creating another email address.