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How to *actually* opt out of enhanced error results?

I've opted out multiple times, but I still get the "enhanced" error page.  I click the link it has to disable it and it says I've already disabled it.  Anyone else had this issue?  (Both images are from 5-10 min before this was posted)

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    Can you tell me a little more about the device you have connected to the modem. It's showing odd characteristics when I check the connection from here.

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    ChrisL,  I am not able to find the opt out of enhanced error results. I want to opt out.  For example I find this page on how to; and there's link there but it takes me back to main account page: 

    ugh...  is it broken? 

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    I had that same issue a couple of years ago. I have my browser set to delete cookies and Temp files upon exit so even though the opt out page would indicate my opt out my browser would erase the file.

    Took care of it by changing DNS servers to Google DNS. Be aware that not all "open" DNS servers are free from enhanced error results. They gotta pay the bills. Google (verb) DNS servers and it'll return pages like the top 10 free DNS servers and they show whether or not they have any extra stuff you might not want.

    If you want to stick with a Cox DNS you can run Namebench or GNC's Nameserver and they'll show you all of the Cox DNS servers and if they have the enhanced error results built in. Not all of Cox's do.

    Problem will immediately go away with Google DNS. Fast and easy. But I thought I'd give options.