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How to Access DVD player now that I have Contour

I have a DVD player that I have not been able to use since getting contour. I had it set up with the mini boxes but everything was undone when Cox came out and set up Contour. How do I need to set up and do I need to toggle off hdmi to show a movie? All help is appreciated.

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    HI Bethany73008,

    Please email us at with your account information so we can provide you with information about the connections for your equipment.

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    As Andrew wrote:  how was it setup?

    A DVD player, Roku, cable box, game console, etc are all peripheral devices.  Your TV would be a hub to connect them.  You would use your TV remote to access each device.  However, since pairing your Cox remote to your TV with a code, you can use your Cox remote to access each device.  You'd press the Input button on your Cox remote to list each connected device.

    If you're using an Audio/Video receiver or HDMI Switch, that device would be your hub.  You'd have to use its respective remote to access each peripheral.

    You do not need to toggle off HDMI to access another device.  After pressing Input on your Cox remote and arrowing to the device, your TV...or A/V Receiver, HDMI Switch...will switch to the correct HDMI port.