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How long does it take to bury cable from service box to house?

March 13, 2017, the fiber optical cable was laid loose on the ground from the service box to house.  A week later a crew stopped by and pulled the conduit under ground for the cable to be pulled through.  The cable remains laid loosely on the ground.  How long does it take for Cox to route the cable through the conduit?  Actually work should only take minutes to complete but why does it take weeks for Cox to schedule the work to be done?  We live in a new subdivision and Cox Technicians are on the streets daily performing installs.  Why can't our cable be pulled through the conduit?   Any one else have issues with loosely laid cable remaining on the ground for weeks?   

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  • Hi Centerton AR,

    I'd like to reach out to our Construction Team about this. Please email your full name, address, a good contact number, and the link to this thread to

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