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How is upgrading my cable modem not a scam?

I just received a letter from Cox comminications stating that my "modem is outdated and should be replaced immediately to avoid an interruption in your internet service" and that "To avoid this, we're offering you an upgraded replacement modem at NO COST to you!"

But when I went to the URL to upgrade my modem through my Cox account, there were only two options for an upgrade: one that cost $9.99 a month, and another modem that didn't have built-in Wi-Fi functionality and would force me to have to buy a Wi-Fi router. NONE of these options are "NO COST."

In Cox's world "NO COST" apparently means "either $9.99 a month" or "buy a router." I pay Cox handsomely every month, and do not appreciate being lied to as a customer. I also think considering how much I already pay Cox there should be an option for a technician to set up the new modem for free. Plus, the only reason why Cox would need to decouple a router from a modem in 2017 is to give customers an opportunity to pay more.

I kind of think everyone on this forum needs to ask for more from their cable provider.

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    From what I can tell from this end it appears you already have your own wifi router connected to the modem. If you take the free option that doesn't include wifi you'd be getting the same capability as you have now but with the improved performance.