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How does a $5.00 discount for DVR upgrade turn into $90

I am a 19 year customer of Cox Communications. Every time I turn around new costs and added costs and increased prices are being added to my service. With the advent up so many new choices for getting TV services, eventually Cox is going to price Customers out of their business and lose them. I decided this morning to upgrade my existing Contour Advance TV package to add DVR recording. There was an offer to me as an existing customer to upgrade to DVR recording for $5.00 per month for 12 months. Yet, when I accepted the offer and it went to the cart to purchase the upgrade it said I had to pay $5.00 + $8.50 for the DVR recorder and a one time installation charge of $75. This is ridiculous and I cancelled making the purchase. I already have the Contour box for $8.50 and I shouldn't be charged an additional $8.50, and there is nothing to install, I already installed my own service and all that was needed was for the DVR service to be activated. I was logged onto my account when trying to make the purchase and yet, the Cox website trying to lure me into the discount by noting I was an existing customer, then it tried to charge me as if I was a new customer by charging me $75 for installation and for getting a DVR box which I already have a Contour box. These kinds of games played by Cox have gone on and on and on and I am so fed up with it. As a 19 year Cox Customer who has never missed paying my bills, why does Cox continue to gouge existing, faithful customers like me? WHY? It was the same thing when it was found out that Cox had overcharged me for over ten years on my telephone service and never told me and then had to give me a rebate for all the overcharges, yet Cox never even acknowledged the overcharge or why they were giving me the rebate.

And I want to add how absolutely worthless the Sales Chat person was. They were supposed to be a chat for sales, but they could not tell me one thing about the issue of the discount for upgrading and why it included excessive charges for an existing customer. Then, all they did was give me a telephone to call to a closed Cox customer care office. This is an appalling waste of time.

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  • Hello JamesH,

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for your 19 years of loyalty.  If you are looking to upgrade your current receiver for a DVR, then the only monthly increase would be $5 for the offer you are referring to.  I would like to review your options for installation.  Please send us an email with your account details to so that we may assist you further.