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How do you like new Cisco Cox modem

I just had a problem with Cox Internet--and phone too, since they now have them connected. The service rep gave me a new modem to "fix" the problem. I think it's a piece of junk. It puts out lights across the ceiling at night--I happen to like dark when I sleep. Plus, ithas a orange light blinking when not in use. This must be drawing on electricity even when the computer/phone are not being used. How do others feel about this new innovation--what is it giving me that the older one did not.

Okay, I'm having a thought I have an older modem that I bought before Cox's new set up some 5 years ago. I could use it for Internet... and just drop my telephone service which no longer works with wall plugs.

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    I looked from this end however no obvious problems stand out with the connection to the modem. Do you use 2.4Ghz cordless phones by chance?

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    NanFreeAZ, are you having problems with your connection / speed or just the lights on the gateway?  If it's just the lights, can you relocate the gateway to a different room?  If not, maybe build a cardboard baffle to cut off the lights, just remember to maintain air flow so the gateway doesn't overheat.

    As far as electrical draw, any modem / router / gateway / VoIP adapter will draw a small amount 24/7 unless you put them on a timer and cut power off hours.  If you are using the telephone, you don't want to do that as it will disable your phone when power is off.

    What model is your 5yo modem?  If it's docsis you don't want to go back to it.  You should be using a docsis 3 modem or gateway today.