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How do you control Keep Episodes with Contour 2?

How do you control the number episodes recorded (saved) of for example Mike & Molly?  When I select Record Options, I have set ALL EPISODES to "Keep only 25 episodes", yet there are more than that recorded.  That show is on multiple channels, so maybe that is a factor?  I'm not sure.

But how do you set or modify the number of settings of a program to keep?

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  • I don't think so.  When I select just a single episode, the only choices presented are:  Save (until space is needed etc.) and Stop.  Is that what you get?

    What are the detailed steps I am supposed to follow to limit number of recordings.  Another example, for Good Morning American (only on channel 7 here), I have the Record Options set to "Keep only 3 episodes".  There are currently 4 saved so far.

  • Hi John2222,

    The link provided will assist you with your inquiry:

  • I read that.  Can you modify the number of episodes to keep after you initially setup the series recording?  Or, after setting to watching one episode, can you then change to record all of that and not just one?

    Can anyone else verify that this actually works on their Contour 2 DVR?

  • John2222,

    You can modify all of the settings for any series recording after it has been set up. The number of recordings to keep are predetermined numbers you can scroll through when editing the series recording options.

  • I thought you could too.  However, I have modified several, clicked confirm to save them, and then later went back and verified that the changes were there.  They were.

    However, it doesn't seem to work.  Can you try it on a program that comes on once a day (or several times a day) please?  Just set it to record all episodes, and then later change it to keep only 2.

    Let me know if it works on your Contour 2 software.

    Another question:  If I have 40 episodes saved, and then I go into the series setting and change it to save only 3 episodes, will or should Contour automatically purge all the oldest ones except the last 3 ?  Seems like I have to delete everything and start over, or manually delete episodes 4 through 40.

    P.S. can some other actual Cox Contour 2 customer/user (other than the moderators) tell me if and how it works for you?  Thanks.

  • John2222,

    Changing the setting for episodes to keep may only change it going forward, requiring you to manually delete any episodes above the new number you choose. I've set up a daily show to record and keep all episodes. I plan to change the setting when I return from work in a couple of days to test what you're experiencing. We can check it again after the change. In the meantime, let me see if you notice the change affecting only the new recordings after the change was made on your box.
  • After several tests and several days of waiting, here is what is working (Contour 2) and what I think is NOT working:

    1. If you select a program, then All episodes, and then select number to Keep, it works fine.  

    2. If however, you select a program, and let the default "Keep all episodes" selection, then recordings start recording each day or multiple times per day.  However, when you try to later limit the program Keep option to say 10 episodes, it doesn't work.

    Over a week ago, "The Big Bang Theory" had recorded 26 shows.  I went into series options, and changed the selection for the series  Options/All episodes, to 25. save etc.

    As of today, there are 40 programs saved. 

    Conclusion:  Contour 2 software bug -- changing number of episodes to keep can ONLY be set when setting series recording is added.  If this isn't true, then please provide some detailed instructions on how to modify series options afterwards.