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How do I reset my cable boxes without having to call in when the connection reset tool says my Whole Home DVR boxes are not eligible?

I have had my whole home DVR maybe a year and every month I personally have to reset my boxes. If I don't, then after about 5 weeks I start missing DVR recordings because it says the recorder isn't available while it is recording only a single show. My most recent miss was the epic season finale of flash that I ended up having to wait over a week to watch before it was actually put on On-Demand, of which of course mostly was spoiled to me by media and other people who got to see it because their DVR system doesn't ***. I can't just unplug it because my home theatre system is built in and not easily accessible. When I call to talk to someone they say to use the online tool but it doesn't work for me because it says my equipment is not eligible for a cable box refresh. My only option is to call and go through all the phone prompts to do it and that is a pain. It is so frustrating to have a new system and be told that I should be able to use the online reset tool but not be told why it does not work for me. Why won't it work? How can I get it fixed? The last time I spoke to Cox about this was 3 months ago and I was told they were sending it to their internet website people saying it was an issue with the website. But at the same time I went over to a friend and had him do it for his stuff and it worked perfect. Since then I have not got any information from Cox and it is just very discouraging. Anyone else have this problem?

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    Your equipment is not eligible for a cable box refresh?  That's odd.

    What cable box do you have that wouldn't be eligible?

    It may be a security setting within your browser preventing the Cox Refresh page from loading properly.  What browser and build do you have?  Do you need to add an Exception to allow to function?

    It appears the Reset button uses Java.  Does your browser have the Java plug-in?  Is it updated?  Is Java disabled?

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    If you feel your browser is properly set...Cox can re-provision your cable box in their database to eliminate any misconfiguration on their end.  From what I understand, Phone Support will need to create a ticket and assign it to another support office.

    I don't know why Phone Support wouldn't troubleshoot your issue further.  Perhaps lack of training.

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    What model receiver do you have? The Social Media Team is in everyday from 6am-3am EST. You can email us at, message us at or direct message (DM) us at to reset your receiver and we can take care of it.