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How do I get Cox to actually fix a connectivity problem?

Anybody know the best way to get Cox to actually fix a problem in their network?  Calling, chatting, and having a technician come out are not getting any action.

I've had intermittent internet connectivity for several weeks.  I know enough about the technology to be able to see that it is a problem in the Cox network -- outside of my house.  I chatted with them, and they sent a tech a couple of days later.  He said there were strange measurements at the post across the street, a different group handles that, and he would submit a ticket.  He said it might take them a couple of days to get to it.  A couple of days later, it is just getting worse.  So Chat and an appointment with a Technician don't get things fixed.

I called to report the problem.  The contact center agent told me she could send someone out to look at what's in my house, but for the problem outside they are scheduled to look at it Saturday (this was Tuesday.)  I put up with horrible connectivity all week - Friday it was down most of the day.  Saturday rolls around and a technician shows up.  He lets me know he's not from the department that actually fixes network problems, and that there isn't a ticket for that.  Back to zero.  

So here I am, googling Centurylink, and wondering how to actually get the RIGHT people in the RIGHT department to look at the REAL problem and give me the service I pay for.

Any suggestions from the community?

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  • Hi bwillis,

    The details you have described are very troubling.  I would like an opportunity to look into this matter to see what has been done and what needs to be done.  Please send us an email to with your service address.  Be sure to include the link to this thread.  We look forward to assisting you.