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How do I get a modem firmware upgrade or determine if it's possibly a service line issue?

Hi - I'm new to this, so please bear with me... I have Cox Premium internet and am using a Motorola SBG6580 modem with hardware version 3 and software version SBG6580- I've seen on various threads in the forum that an upgrade was able to be pushed out and service was improved. I've been having serious issues for some time now and am hoping the fix is as simple as that. If not, how do I determine if there is more to the problem than a firmware upgrade? I've been having to reset my modem frequently, the event log shows numerous 'critical errors', most being that it's not receiving a response for 'unicast maintenance ranging', 'sync failures', and multiple T3/T4/ errors (these are all "critical" - there are also some warnings and notices, but not as concerned about those).

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    The firmware for that device is as current as it gets. While it can support Premier speeds when using wired gigabit Ethernet connections you would see better performance with a more modern device. You could try bypassing any cable splitters or testing at different cable outlets to see if it helps with the signal errors you're seeing.

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    I have the SB6190 that has the PUMA6 Latency issue.

    Arris has firmware 9.1.93V to fix this issue.  When will it be pushed to our Modems?

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    We don't offer limo delivery but I did upload it to your modem. Let us know if you need anything else.

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    Thanks for the upload.  PUMA6 test is much better....but still has an error or two.  Was getting 8 or more before the test.

    441ms : x
    42ms : x
    43ms : x
    47ms : x
    78ms : x
    79ms : xxxx
    80ms : xxxxxxxxxx
    81ms : xxxxxxxxxx
    82ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    83ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    84ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    85ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    86ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    87ms : xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    88ms : xxxxxxxxx
    89ms : xxxxxx
    90ms : xxxxxxxxx
    91ms : xxxxxxx
    92ms : xxx
    93ms : xxxx
    94ms : xx
    95ms : xx
    96ms : x
    97ms : xx
    100 - 149ms :xxxxx
    150 - 199ms :x