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How do I add a Roku Streaming device to my existing Cox TV service?

I recently bought a Roku Movie/video streaming device and had a difficult time getting it to recognize my Cox cable TV service Mini box. I couldn't get a signal on my TV at all when I hooked up the Roku with the Cox mini box still hooked up. The mini box was hooked up to the HDMI-1 port & the Roku to HDMI-2 port. With both devices hooked up I wasn't getting a video signal at all. I tried hooking up just the Roku device to the HDMI-1 port without the Cox mini box  and still couldn't get a signal. I left the Roku hooked to the HDMI-1 port and re-hooked the Cox mini box to the HDMI-2 port and finally got a picture on the TV. Now the system doesn't recognize that I already have a Cox TV service subscription and Netflix. I also have 3 other Roku devices in my home on other TV sets. You can have 2 Roku devices with 1 Netflix account. We have 2 Roku devices on my Netflix account but one of my house mates only has 1 Roku device linked to her Netflix account. I finally got my new Roku device (a Roku Express) to link to my house mate's Netflix account to watch Netflix movies without a temporary trial version of Netflix. Now I have to figure out how to get the Roku Express to recognize my Cox TV service. Any ideas on that anyone?


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    You can't add anything to your Cox service.  Besides providing you Internet service, Cox has nothing to do with Roku, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.  Therefore no device you connect to your TV would recognize your cable box.

    Everything you connect to your TV is a separate Input device, such as a cable box, Blu-ray player, Fire TV stick, etc.  You can connect as many as your TV will accept.  To watch one of those standalone devices, use the Input button on your Cox remote.  Your Cox remote will then instruct your TV to display what's connected and you'll choose one with the arrow keys on the remote.

    It sounds like both HDMI ports are serviceable on your TV because the Mini Box worked on both ports.  I'd leave the Mini Box connected to HDMI-1 because it previously worked.

    Does the Roku have power?  Is the Roku connected to the Internet?  Can you see the Roku program guide on your screen?  Did you try another HDMI cable with the Roku?  Where did you get your Roku?

    I've notice some TV are not simply plug-and-play anymore.  You have to add the device through the TV software. 

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    Roku I just plug into my TVS HDMI ports.

    Hook up to wifi and or hardwire depending on model to router.

    I got 4 Roku boxes and all work just fine.

    Have zip to do with cox. You must have internet.

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    I have the lowest level of Cox TV. I hate having to scan through a lot of channels I hate. Been Told by Cox people at Cox store I cannot eliminate channels I dont like. Is there any way way around this.

  • Hi Starter,

    The mini box was designed with minimal features in order to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers. It does not have the ability to set up a "Favorites" list of preferred channels. An Advanced TV receiver or DVR is needed for this functionality. I'm sorry!

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    Becky said:
    The mini box was designed with minimal features in order to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers.

    Minimal features? It's not ordering pizza. Simply an add/delete function in the up/down selection to skip over unwanted channels when surfing. Like every TV has had since disco was king. It's a couple lines of code in a firmware update. And nothing to do with "Favorites".

    Your canned response is a dodge. It would not add a single penny or fraction thereof to the manufacturing cost. A cursory examination of the mini box menu reveals information, selections and options whose inclusion were/are not necessary, not beneficial to the end user and eat up far more resources.

    They just screwed up the original design. Furthermore, the mandatory renting, for $2.95/mo., of a box which Cox probably pays around $5/unit is hardly trying to keep costs low for customers. Rather, the equation is: Customer cost - Cox cost = Cox profit. The incentives are obvious.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. But don't pat us on the head and tell us you only have our best interests at heart. At least 53.9% of us are not idiots!