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How can I get Cisco DTA 250 mini box to work with TiVo Series 2 DVR?

Las Vegas Cox Communications recently digitally encrypting their signal so customers that hook a coaxial cable from the wall to the TiVo or TV now will have to have their mini box to unscramble the signal which is forcing all customers to go to from analog signal to digital signal which is extremely frustrating for customers like me who still has a TiVo Series2 (single tuner) which has a lifetime subscription for which I paid a pretty penny to have (as well as for the actual box too.) When hooking up the Cox Mini Box (cisco DTA 250) it essentially makes the TiVo useless as it will not change changes to record a show. I can watch my TV & change the channels I have searched all over the internet on various forums & tried everything that was mentioned including trying to enter the IR codes on the TiVo for the Evolution mini box that is in some markets as well as the codes found for the Cisco (known as Scientific Atlanta in list). I have the Cisco DTA 250 (also shown as manufactured from Dolby.) I've cable box types Motorola, RCA, Scientific Atalanta, Evolution & a couple of others I don't recall at the moment. After a call to Cox's Technical support they told me there's no codes & my only option is to shell out hundreds of dollars & buy a new TiVo including a new lifetime subscription or try to get an older standard cable box at a cost of $8.99/mo for each TiVo & hope that works. 

Please don't tell me it's time to upgrade technology. It's not broken so there's absolutely no reason why I should I have to throw it out & spend tons of more $ on getting a new TiVo all because Cox decides to screw over it's customers. 

I've been a customer for over 10 years & this is just another way for Cox to nickle & dime their customers to death as you get the box for free the 1st year & then $2.99 for each box per month starting after year 1. I have friends in other markets (Minneapolis & Tampa) where their provider gave them the analog to digital box for free. We already pay enough money for cable this is just outrageous.

Extremely angry  (soon to be former) Cox Customer if this doesn't get resolved.  

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    I apologize for the delayed reply. The mini box doesn't have a feature to automatically change channels. You will need a device that is cablecard ready in order to install a tuning adapter and cable card. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.