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How can I connect my old VCR to the Mini Box so I can record programs?

I've tried several ways to connect my VCR to the Mini Box but still cannot record. I get the message that this station has gone digital and I must have equipment to view it. What's wrong?

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    See this thread.  The coax from the wall goes into the minibox input, coax out of the minibox must go to the input of the VCR.  From the message you are getting sounds like you have the cable direct into the VCR.

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    I have been unable to play or record to my VCR since installing the mini box also.  I have followed the instructions for the connections.  I have the cable line from the wall to the mini box, to the VCR, and then to the TV.

    I hope someone will respond to our question.  

    Additional info.

    TV works fine with just mini box.

    TV works fine with VCR added, (can still watch TV),  but I can not play a tape from VCR.