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How can I access my LINUX server from the internet

Hello everybody.

I purchased a server a couple of weeks ago and I am trying to access it from the internet.

The OS is Fedora 24 Server LINUX.

The public IP address is

I have a .jpg file called pcie-bus-error.jpg in my /var/www/html directory as an example file.

When I type into the address bar of my browser, I can only see the image when I am at home and when I type "systemctl stop firewalld" on the server.

I would like to be able to type into the address bar of any browser from any computer without having to turn off my firewall.

What do I do?



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    Are you trying to run an Apache server on your linux box?  If everything is configured correctly, you shouldn't have to disable your firewall.  The thing is, when you type something into a browser, it sends an http packet on port 80 ... Cox blocks port 80 so this won't work.  You would have to configure it to listen on a port other than 80 and include the port number in the browser.  Also, it's against the Cox TOS to run a server unless you have a business account.  Configuration of a linux server is really beyond the scope of this forum.