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HORRIBLE internet and TV in a huge city. How is that possible?

My internet has always lagged, but has been unbearable for much of the past 6 years. My overpriced TV worked for the most part, actually the only reason I held onto this absurdly overpriced garbage. Now, at least 40% of my shows record for 2-4 minutes or it displays having recorded the entire show, but displays "content currently unavailable' when I press play. Honestly, it actually records less than half my shows. In addition, I've lost a DVR full of shows three times this year after a reset. Irony being, I've been exploring cutting the cord entirely, but my internet is so awful, I can't assess if streaming is a viable option. I do not understand how the *** a huge city like Phoenix doesn't have a decent competitor. It's a complete monopoly, hence zero urgency to provide decent service. Meanwhile, their billing department is always hard core and on their game. I HATE this company. Seriously, how in the *** do they get away with this with all these complaints? I'm not sure this is a question, but wonder when the vast complaints will be taken seriously and customers will get good service in exchange for absurd monthly rates. I've triple checked cables, cords and outlets. I've reset my modem etc... This is not on my end. 

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    We're here to help any way we can. I checked from this end and the current setup is far from ideal for streaming. It looks like you're still relying on an older DOCSIS 2.0 modem for your connection and it's also reporting signal problems suggesting there is something going on with the signal itself or the modem. You could try by passing any cable splitters and see if that helps or testing the modem at a different outlet. Should those suggestions not help it may be beneficial to have a technician come out and troubleshoot further.