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Lately, when I click on "more" on the home page, it does not show the choices for different sites. While I am at it, why is there so much duplication of the news on your page selections?

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    Hi Farko.

    Please email a screen shot of what you referring to

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    I have the same problem.   There is a news menu with the following selections:  Home, National News, Entertainment, Sports, Weather, More.

    Sports doesn't always work.   More doesn't work at all.      These selections are greyed out.

    If you go to the Home page and you see an item that is classified World for instance you can select World and it will take you to the page.

  • rwartner

    Hi, I just went to the Cox Home page and experienced the same issue. Are you getting any sort of an error message across the top of your screen?

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    There is no error message.     Sports and More  do not light up when you select them - no underline.   They are disabled.

    It appears that the menu program is not enabling these menu items.   It is not an error,  the menu program is not enabling these selections.    Sometimes Sports works  but only national,  the local doesn't work.

    This quit working maybe 2 weeks ago.

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    Went back to home page after writing last note and now it works.   So somebody flipped a switch somewhere.

    Hope it works for Farko and everybody else.


  • Hi rwartner,

    I'm glad to hear it's working for you now. Please reach out to us should you experience this again.

    Thank you,