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Buenas tardes'

Desde que instalaron la nueva caja que viene incluida,Internet,HIFI y el telefono se ha apagado varias veces todo, o se pone lento muy lento.

Si no me solucionan este problema me vere en terminar el servicio.

Lamentandolo mucho.


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    I would recommend calling into tech support to speak to someone who can speak Spanish.  I understand you to be saying that your internet cuts out, but the language barrier will prevent me from helping further.

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    "Good afternoon.  Since they installed the new box that comes included, Internet, Wifis and the phone has shut down several times, or it gets very slow slow. If you do not solve this problem I will see you finish the service. Lamenting it a lot."

    My guess is the technician forgot to include a MoCA filter on the coaxial/cable line that connects to the internet/phone modem. Newer ones have the filter built in but older phone modems like the DPQ3212 don't have it. It's either that or a splitter was added that lowered your signal overall. I would suggest a technician come back out to find out.