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Highspeed internet is kinda slow, ongoing problem that I would like to try to fix before I downgrade my service

Subscribed to the Ultimate - 300Mbps service and am seeing AT BEST 86Mbps down and 15Mbps up.  1/3 the speed I'm paying for is kinda a rip off imho.  Using a DSA321N cisco modem and speedtests were done with a direct ethernet connection to the modem, bypassing my router.   Might someone be able to take a look at my setup and see if there is anything amiss on the backend.  Aside from the slow speed, it all works fine.  Thanks for your time and attention in this matter

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    you might need to upgrade or use a new modem ultimate needs more than 8 channels down

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    Hi John.

    We'd like to take a closer look please email full address and primary name to